PromoDaddy Digital- Services


Google Ad Expert website ads min start 100 inr

Creates and manages targeted online ads on Google Search and partner websites.

YouTube Advertising (1M skip ad views in 40000 rupees)

Develops video ad campaigns to reach audiences on YouTube.

Instagram Advertising and Facebook Ads 1m impression in 10000 rupees

Runs targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook to connect with specific demographics.

Keyword Research charges depend on keyword volume min 700 inr

Discovers relevant keywords to optimize content and target advertising campaigns.

Artist Management(5000inr)

Provides guidance, support, and representation for artists or creators.

Branding ( charges depend on brands min10000 inr

Develops a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

Content Management and Ideas min 800 inr

Creates, manages, and curates engaging content for various platforms.

Advertisement Strategy min 300 INR

Develops a comprehensive plan to reach your target audience through different advertising channels.

Goggle Analytics website add 500 inr

Analyzes website traffic data to understand user behavior and improve marketing efforts.

SEO (1 month seo charges 6000 inr)

Optimizes your website and online presence to rank higher in search engine results.

Lead Generation

Attracts and captures potential customer interest for your business.

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